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Arabic Thought Against the Authoritarian Age: Towards an Intellectual History of the Present

Jens Hanssen (Editor),‎ Max Weiss (Editor), CUP, January  2018. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Arabic-Thought-against-Authoritarian-Age/dp/1107193389   1. Introduction: towards a postwar intellectual history of the Arab world Max Weiss and Jens Hanssen; Part I. Arab Intellectuals in an Age of Decolonization: 2. Changing the Arab intellectual guard: on the fall of the udabaʾ, 1940–1960 Yoav Di-Capua; 3. Arabic thought in the radical age: Emile Habibi, the Israeli communist party and the production of Arab Jewish radicalism, 1946–1961 Orit Bashkin; 4. Political praxis in the Gulf:...

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