Sociologie des sexes – Mary Douglas contd.

Par exemple, Purity and Danger 194 :

Yet pollution fears do not seem to cluster round contradictions1 which do not involve sex. The answer may be that no other social pressures are potentially as explosive as those which constraint sexual relations. We come to sympathise with St. Paul’s extraordinary demand that in the new Christian society there should be neither male nor female.

… may throw some light on the exaggerated importance attached to virginity in the early centuries of Christianity. … (The contradiction is:) The primitive church of the Acts in its treatment of women was setting a standard of freedom and equality which was against the traditional Jewish custom. … The idea of virginity … was bound to fall on good soil in a small persecuted minority group. … these social conditions lend themselves to beliefs which symbolise the body as an imperfect container which will only be perfect if it can be made impermeable. … well chosen for the project of changing the role of the sexes in marriage and in society at large. … If this social order has to be changed, the Second Eve (Old Eve being added on with fear of sex pollution, belonging both to a certain specific type of social organisation), a virgin source of redemption crushing evil underfoot, is a potent new symbol to present. (Purity ritual, force)


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  1. this is about “The system at war with itself” []

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