The reasonable guys – Lukianoff & Haidt, *Coddling*

A very strange experience, setting out into Lukianoff and Haidt’s Coddling of the American Mind. The voice of reason, moderation (in a smartingly hot context), plus the sweetness of American men (which sociology here?). The very astute first enunciative take, with the sweetly mocking Misoponos fable and the 3 Great Untruths (of current « campus » culture). Place the derision, inoffensive, defuse; captatio, and benevolence all round.

Effortless but also very studied, apt, artful possibly – as the relational condition is expressly delicate. The mollicitation of. How exactly. A highly, preciously, usable study – and impressive investment in care, analysis, fact gathering, attentiveness, openness & generosity certainly (charity), I am impressed and I do celebrate – for bringing into relief the planes that seem mostly clearly missed, misread possibly, simplified, obliterated, by the operating approaches – cognitive psychology included. A textbook, a practice book, in that sense. Beyond the information and diagnostic made plentifully available & public.

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