Emergent subjectivities – neoliberal

Contemporary, emerging, subjectivities. Anxious youth and students in the field, the “coddled” children of evaluation (Lukianoff & Haidt), the ruins of love in the online market (Eva Illouz), … RH. I’ll get back to Victimhood shortly: The Rise of Victimhoood Culture, Campbell & Manning.

Along with the emergent activist personalities and groups: gender & sexuality, race & ethnicity defensive, morality ethics and indignations. “Identity“.

And the shapes of digital subjectivity, intersubjectivity, and socialities. And AI formats of individuals and social plurals – still another dimension of. Statistics, demographics, prediction, “abstraction and extraction” (Crawford quoting Hardt & Negri). Which means labour, and its emerging forms.

For want of a better, let’s call it : neoliberalism. What they have in common, co-emerging.

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Claire Joubert (2022, 21 juillet). Emergent subjectivities – neoliberal. Ce que fait un angliciste. Consulté le 15 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/n9wv

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