Said pointers for « antithetical » scholarship on Islam

Peter Gran, Judith Tucker, Basem Musallem, Eric Davis, Stuart Schaar. This is in the US, and as of 1980.

With : AMESS (Alternative Middle Easy Studies Seminar) and MERIP (Middle East Reserch and Information Project), as clear sidestep from MESA.

From older scholars : Hamed Algar / Berkeley, Nikki Keddie UCLA (Iranologists), Ervand Abrahamian (Baruch), Michael G Fischer / Harvard and Fred Halliday in UK (now both less so).

+ non scholars but « writers, activists, and intellectuals », anti war & antiimperialist militants, dissenting clergy, radical intellectuals and teachers etc. IF Stone, Ramsey Clark, Richard Falk, William Sloan Coffin Jr, Don Luce. Organisations :  Friends Service Committee, Clergy and Laity Concernec. Alternative new organisations : The Progressive, Mother Jones, The Nation. on Iran, key in 1980 conjoncture.

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