Arabic Thought Against the Authoritarian Age: Towards an Intellectual History of the Present


1. Introduction: towards a postwar intellectual history of the Arab world Max Weiss and Jens Hanssen;

Part I. Arab Intellectuals in an Age of Decolonization:

2. Changing the Arab intellectual guard: on the fall of the udabaʾ, 1940–1960 Yoav Di-Capua;

3. Arabic thought in the radical age: Emile Habibi, the Israeli communist party and the production of Arab Jewish radicalism, 1946–1961 Orit Bashkin;

4. Political praxis in the Gulf: Ahmad al-Khatib and the movement of Arab nationalists, 1948–1969 Abdel Razzaq Takriti;

5. Modernism in translation: poetry and intellectual history in Beirut Robyn Creswell;

Part II. Culture and Ideology in the Shadow of Authoritarianism:

6. Regional specificities of modern Arab thought: Morocco since the liberal age Hosam Aboul-Ela;

7. Sidelining ideology: Arab theory in the metropole and periphery, circa 1977 Fadi Bardawil;

8. Mosaic, melting pot, pressure cooker: the religious, the secular, and the sectarian in twentieth-century Syrian social thought Max Weiss;

9. Looking for ‘the women question’ in Algeria and Tunisia: ideas, political language and female actors before and after independence Natalya Vince;

Part III. From (Neo)Liberalism to the ‘Arab Spring’ and Beyond:

10. Egyptian workers in the ‘liberal age’ and beyond Joel Beinin;

11. The redemption of women’s liberation: reviving Qasim Amin in contemporary Egypt Ellen McLarney;

12. Turath as critique: Hassan Hanafi and the political subject in modern Arabic thought Yasmeen Daifallah;

13. Summoning the spirit of Taha Husayn’s enlightenment project: the Nahda revival of Qadaya wa-shahadat in the 1990s Suzanne Kassab;

14. Revolution as ready-made: art, aesthetics, Arab uprisings Negar Azimi;

15. For a third Nahda Elias Khoury;

16. Where are the intellectuals in the Syrian revolution? Rosa Yasin Hasan;

17. The intellectuals and the revolution in Syria Yasin al-Hajj Salih.


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