Lecture, enseignement – nouveaux sujets

Indices du sujet : Christine Smallwood dans la NYRB Feb 9th, “Misreading the Cues”, sur Sold a Story. How Teaching Lids to Read Went Wrong, podcast by Emily Hanford : les hostilités progressistes contre “phonics“, et déroulement d’un programme adhésif (“power of cult thinking”, écrit-elle) aux “cues” : “balanced literacy” (ou ironisé : “literacy by vibes”), using context to guess. “Reading wars” au moment des politiques éducatives de George W Bush, 2000 platform, 2005 defeated.

for F, P and C, reading was an opportunity for self-expression rather than a practice of comprehending text. And it involved a degree of performance /cf model photos of “avid readers”!) …

or does it make /children) feel anxious and fraudulent, like they can’t trust the adults around them to tell them what’s real and what isn’t?

the idea is that a good way to know what a sentence says is to assume it echoes your preconceived ideas about the world.  // the glory of reading, the reason for reading at all, is to encounter the new.

it’s as if we’ve been training them to be algorithms, hoping their ability to make predictions rather than their capacity to enter the minds of others. … It leaves me less surprised that our world is rife with misinformation. … To read is not always to enter a cozy little nook /”avid reader” scene).

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Claire Joubert (2023, 5 février). Lecture, enseignement – nouveaux sujets. Ce que fait un angliciste. Consulté le 26 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/n9zj

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