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The reasonable guys – Lukianoff & Haidt, *Coddling*

A very strange experience, setting out into Lukianoff and Haidt’s Coddling of the American Mind. The voice of reason, moderation (in a smartingly hot context), plus the sweetness of American men (which sociology here?). The very astute first enunciative take, with the sweetly mocking Misoponos fable and the 3 Great Untruths (of current « campus » culture). Place the derision, inoffensive, defuse; captatio, and benevolence all round. Effortless but also very studied, apt, artful possibly – as the relational condition...


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Vol. 35 – mars 2021- – The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. The Fight for a human future at the new frontier f power, Shoshana Zuboff (2019), to p. 90. – How We Think. Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis, N. Katherine Hayles, 2012.   Vol. 34 – 2021 – Les Trois écritures. Langue, nombre, code, Clarisse Herrenschmidt, 2007 (part 2.)


Chronique des lectures

Été 2022 . Atlas of AI. Power, Politics and the Planetary Costs of Artificial Intelligence, Kate Crawford, 2021. . wiki on Machine translation, computer assisted translation, DeepL. . Two Cultures ? The Significance of C.P. Snow, F.R. Leavis, 1962, here in Collini ed., Canto, 2013, “companion volume” to The Two Cultures, cf infra. . “L’archéologie des médias arrive en France. L’exemple de Friedrich Kittler”, André Lange-Médart, Les Enjeux de l’information et de la communication, 2019. Printemps 2022 . Ku’damm 56,...

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